Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cabin Fever

Michigan, Clear Lake

It's bitter cold out.

The wind is swirling across the frozen lake and picking up snow. 

The fishermen I bumped into last night said the lake has eight inches of ice. 

Winter wouldn't be so bad if the sky wasn't stained gray.

Thoughts of eighty degrees and a sandy beach are tempting. Walk with me on the warm sands.

Take your shoes off and let your toes curl between the grains. Let them tickle your skin. Press forward onto your left foot and leave the indented footprint behind. 

A baby's breath sky is dotted with puffs of satin white clouds. Take a breath, a deep cleansing breath. Energizing. Thrilling. Yet, calming. 
Savannah, Georgia, Atlantic Ocean

And now the quandary. Run along the sands or lie on the warm grains forming to the shape of your legs, back, head, and arms. 

Distracted by the white sails of the pleasure ship bopping near the horizon, you choose neither, but stand, anchored to the ground fixated by the mystery. Where is the ship going?  

A balmy breeze propels salt water, spilling it above the confines of the sea. A wave kisses a barrier, sending droplets airborne until they splash against your body. The response shiver causes a tremble and a giggle. The warmth saturates your pores, through the bloodstream to the heart.

Dreams and memories are etched into the mind, forever available to recall on a cold and blistery day.

So Reader? Where are the sands in which you stood?


Unknown said...

This is a really beautiful post, Mary. I've been bemoaning Iowa's cold this week after a weekend in beautiful, WARM Phoenix. So I think I'll dwell on the memory of a fabulous weekend to distract me from our freeeezing temps. :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks, Melissa.
Perplexed by what to write last night, I looked out my window and saw the frozen picture above....THEN the silly song, Cabin Fever from Muppet Treasure Island struck me. ha!

Janice said...

I am reminded of an older friend who died a few years back. She once told me that she had captured a moment in her mind of being on a beach (I can't remember where) and it was such a pleasant moment that she committed the memory to remain permanently as a place of retreat should bad times touch her life. Great minds think alike!

The sands I have most often felt have been at Hilton Head Island just across the way from Tybee Island at Savannah. Another particularly beautiful spot I remember was at Ponce Inlet in Florida. Other spots were at Cumberland Island, Georgia and across the way from there was Amelia Island, Florida. Sweet sands of my life all provided by God.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh, my. Your places in Savannah was probably close to where I took the picture of the jelly fish on the sands above. Hah!! Small world:)

pol said...

Mary, how nice to see you think of the beach near Savannah Ga as a retreat in your mind.
I live about an hr away from Savannah in rural part of Ga. I seldom get to the beach but would like to, usually take family when they come as they want to see beaches and oceans of water different from their lives also.
thanks for sharing today, I guess I recall my visits to Galveston Island Tx where I enjoyed many visits having family living in that area also. Loving beaches you should visit if you ever get the chance.

Paula O(

Mary Vee Writer said...

Great idea, Paula.
It's on my list to visit. :)