Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The presidential inauguration had no discernible glitches. The media searched for topics to discuss during the parade to make the event lively but had difficulty. This inauguration went as planned on a day with nice weather. Except.

I had the TV on in the background for hours, waiting for one special something to discuss in this post. Something that showed someone in the audience, or a security person, or participant to demonstrate what their heart felt. 

Something unique.

I expected the cheering crowds. Whether I voted for this person as the president or not, it would be special to stand along the street or sit in the stands and witness the event.

And then something unique happened.

Following the ceremony, the president left the platform with his security. He walked up the stairs toward the red curtain passageway into the building. A mass of men and women followed him. At the top of the stairs he stepped under the red curtain threshold and stopped. 

The mass of men and women continued walking. A few almost bumped into him. They swerved and continue walking around him. 

The president turned and craned his neck stretching it slightly left and right. He acted as if he wanted to find a specific person in the crowd. I wondered who would be so important that would spark the thought in the president's mind to turn and look for them? And what was so special that he want to say to the person.

The media hopped in and gave their impressions. They said the president want to take one last look at all the people standing there, at all the people who came to seem him, at all the people who wanted him to be president.

And then I wondered who interpreted the president's thoughts correctly. Did the president think of others, wanting to see someone special, tell someone something important? Or did the president want to soak in his own glory?

This is not intended to be a political post. This door has been opened to take note that we cannot always know what is in someone's heart based on their actions. Only God' knows.

God tells us to shine our light, His glory, His testimony to those around us so that others may see Him. How can you be transparent about your relationship with Jesus Christ?


Janice said...

I think when I show concern over the things that Jesus would show concern over that my light is showing for Jesus. I don't think when on the street and passing by a stranger for a moment that one would peg me instantly as a Christian. But if people have the time to know me, they quickly find out I am an involved Christian. I hope my actions always bring glory to Him by acting in a loving and kind way when needs appear before me.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Good words.
And, maybe someone might peg you when passing on the street. Who knows? That special smile, a nod, a kind word might be all it takes:)

Good to see you today, Janice.

susanngarrylee said...

That's a great question to ponder. Thank you for the post. Blessings, Susan Fryman

Mary Vee Writer said...

Some questions are so very difficult to answer, Susan. I'm so glad yo stopped by today.