Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Eye of the Beholder

I suppose this is a tale of perspective.

My husband and I went into a restaurant. Two gentlemen came in behind us. One of the gentlemen said, "I guess I was wrong. I picked this restaurant because I thought it would have more room. Look how crowded it is."

The restaurant had maybe ten of the thirty to forty booths filled. Crowded?

My husband and I were immediately seated. The gentlemen behind us had to wait the thirty seconds it took for the host to return to the greeting stand. Our food came equally fast.

Two days later I went to a medical office for some labs. It was my first time in the building. After searching the lobby, I found the required sign-in clipboard hidden in a shelf near the area where a previous sign said not to go. I signed in and went to the seating area. 

Not long after, a woman came and sat in the seating area. She huffed and leaned toward the person sitting across from her. "I came to this medical office today on purpose. It's never crowded on Mondays and look at this. If I had known there were so many people waiting ahead of me I would have gone to a different office."

I looked at the waiting area. There were maybe eight of us and at least sixteen empty chairs. One third of the waiting room was filled at the most.  

Grumpy people!

Glass half empty. Glass half full. 

Have a cup of hot cocoa, think of your favorite setting, and enjoy a glass filled to any level day. :)

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Janice said...

Sometimes I think about my life and how it is creeping up to the age where my parents died. I went to a funeral yesterday so these kinds of things do come to mind. It seems my life span has come to a point closer to the end than the beginning. And yet, I consider much of my younger life was lived not as a Christian. The rest of my life is to be lived abundantly and then there is eternity. With God our lives are never half empty or half full. They are always full!