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Simeon went to the Temple as he had many times before. The day didn't seem different. The sunrise nothing special, he had his breakfast, dressed, and walked the usual way. He greeted the other priests and strained to focus his aged eyes at other sounds in the Temple area.

The people entered the Temple some with their sin sacrifices others with young babies to carry out the ritual of the law.  

Mary and Joseph entered the gate with their baby. They walked near Simeon. His eyes widened. His heart pounded with excitement. This child... he gasped, this child was the one he had prayed and longed to see. 

Simeon held out his arms, waiting for Mary to hand him her baby. The little one cood. He smiled and blew raspberry bubbles at the priest.

Simeon drew the little one closer to his body and hugged him. He could not contain himself. A tear dripped down his cheek and he looked toward the sky 

God, you can now release your servant;
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    release me in peace as you promised.
With my own eyes I’ve seen your salvation;
    it’s now out in the open for everyone to see:
A God-revealing light to the non-Jewish nations,
    and of glory for your people Israel.

Mary and Joseph didn't say a word. He looked at their faces and saw their surprise. He said to them: 

This child marks both the failure and
    the recovery of many in Israel,
A figure misunderstood and contradicted—
    the pain of a sword-thrust through you—
But the rejection will force honesty,

    as God reveals who they really are.

He handed baby Jesus back to Mary. She looked back without saying a word. But her eyes showed she thought about Simeon's words.  

Simeon placed his wrinkled hand on the baby's head and smiled. He had never felt so blessed before.

Every baby is a miracle, a gift from God. A treasure.

Baby Jesus was God's Son, the One sent to save us from our sins and provide the only way for us and our children to go to heaven to be with HIm.

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May your have a joyful time celebrating Jesus' birthday. God's blessings on you.

Help me color in our word picture of Simeon from above. What else do you think happened that moment?

Merry Christmas Everyone

The winner of Julie Lessman's book is Amanda Chavez. Congratulations, Amanda!

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