Monday, November 5, 2012

Those Who Give that Others May Have

Years ago, I went to Bible College. It was one of the most positive memorable times of my life. It was a small college where classmates grew in strong friendships almost immediately and still hold those friendships today.

One of those classmates, Craig Mayes, recently became the executive director of the New York City Rescue Mission. He has built a relationship with the people of New York as one who cares for the homeless.

To jump start donations for the needy mission, he chose to sign up for the New York City marathon and trained voraciously to complete the run. 

As we all know, hurricane Sandy interrupted the event and donated more souls to the needy roll. 

Here is what happened: (IF you cannot see the video please click on the link to see it  Don't forget to come back and finish the article!)

The focus needed to be changed. Craig joined with the National Guard at Governor Cuomo's food distribution center after the blackout ended and loaded donated food and water supplies to transport back to the mission in lower Manhattan

A generator was donated. It provided enough energy to cook certain items and keep the refrigerators at eighteen degrees, but did not produce enough power for light. Flashlights were used for cooking, eating, and other necessities.

On the website this update was posted:

"The rain and wind have stopped, but the storm’s fury is far from over. Help us reach into our community and be the refuge our city needs. Droves of people are coming to us—hungry, cold and shaken by trauma. Our Mission needs to stand strong and support our neighbors in crisis. Your quick, generous response will make a difference. Thank you for your support!"

We may not all be able to go to the affected areas to help physically, some may not be able to give financially, but we can all pray for those in need.

We never know when we will be the one walking in these shoes.

Please share a prayer below for those in need.

 I will start.  Lord, God, our Great Provider and Hope, please meet send help for those in need. Not only physical, but also emotional. Let them know they are loved.


Janice said...

Yes, Lord, I am in agreement with Mary's prayer for the hurting people in New York, New Jersy and other areas affected by Sandy. It is an area full of people who need to know of Your love. Please, this day, be their great Providence. Meet their basic needs. Strengthen those who are suppliers, kitchen workers, counselors, community leaders, responders, and prayer warriors. Please enable people to share from scarce resources to meet the needs. I pray in Jesus' name.

Joan B said...

Dear Lord- Please open the hearts of people to come to know you through this tragedy. Help them to see their need for your great salvation. As their physical needs are being met, their hearts will be opened to you through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Mary Vee Writer said...

And Amen to both your prayers, Janice and Joan.

Anonymous said...