Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Comfy, Friendly, Warm-Home

Even though we signed the papers for our new home several days ago, I feel like this is the day our new house becomes really ours. What made the difference? The movers are delivering our furniture.
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Watching a video about a place and going to the place are two totally different experiences. A video can cause me to want to go somewhere, but not leave me with the sensation I had been there, no matter how big the screen is. Today, I'm not looking at a photo on line or recalling my visit with the realtor, I am walking in our house.

As the boxes pour out of the truck and fill the house, making narrow mazes to walk through rooms and halls, our house will sprout a kernel of life. One by one those boxes will be emptied and items will be put into their new home. Cleaners will wash away the scents of the last owners.

We'll wake the first morning and wonder where we are. Walk to the kitchen and hope the coffee pot was packed in the top box along with the filters and coffee. Look out the window and see a new setting and remember, this is our new home.

A new place for morning devotions will be chosen, the best place to relax will be picked, the work place to do bills and other paperwork selected. Churches, bank, grocery store will soon feel like the obvious place to go.

Our new home will feel comfy, friendly, warm, and right.

Some day, I will see my eternal home. I wonder how it will will look, smell, feel. And what I will do. I wonder if I will be able to make friends right away. I wonder how long it will take to feel comfy, friendly, warm, and right. I wonder if my Father will say, "Well done," or not. 

These uncertainties are normal. God knows we have finite minds. But the wonderful surprise He has for us is going to far exceed all our expectations.

What makes your house feel like home?


Janice said...

Our house feels like home when I see the colors, hear the sounds, smell the foods cooking, and taste the handfull of chocolate chips from our Sam's Club giant bag of chips.

I bought the house "as is" and it remains "as is" only worse after so many years of living in it. It needs a lot of maintenance work, and that means it has its quirks with all the "as is" adjustments that I am use to working around. All those quirks make me know I am at home, in a temporary place, because heaven is my true home and it will be perfect!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks, Janice.
The spot my computer landed in the new house has a creaky floor. I think I'm going to like the sound.
I wonder if we will have computers in heaven.

Cynthia Herron said...

We custom built our home 13 years ago. We watched our oldest grow into manhood and graduate college. Our youngest was an energetic toddler and is a beautiful middle-schooler now. Our family has shared so many wonderful memories here. It's not "things" and "stuff." It's our family's words, voices, and the "scent" of happy that have made our house a home.

Beautiful post, Mary!

Mary Vee Writer said...

What good words. The scent is important. Have you ever walked somewhere and smelled a scent and had a sudden related family memory? Yeah me too. The first day after we unpacked the dishes I made homemade chicken soup, the one the family always loves. I did it to get our family favorite scents in the house. Hubby smiled.