Monday, October 15, 2012

Power that Affects Lives

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Hurricane Hazel surprised many people on October 15, 1954. She sped west across the Atlantic, slamming into Grenada, fueled up and with new energy threw her winds at Jamaica, Haiti, and Puerto Rico destroying crops and lives.

This wayward hurricane made a sharp turn up the eastern coast of the United States, stopping off at the Carolinas and Virginia before skipping up to Ontario.

Her untamed winds hurt many people both directly and indirectly.

With today's technology, we receive warnings on our cell phones. My daughter, who lives in a storm area told me her cell phone company sent her an alert to get to higher ground due to floods.

Sometimes unusual circumstances prevent an escape or a homestead is severely damaged/destroyed. I've never experienced a hurricane in any way. Quite truthfully I would not be able to include the situation in a book because I wouldn't know the experience.

Some of you have lived through hurricanes.

What does it feel like to have a hurricane tromp through your home/neighborhood/business? Where do you hide? How do you protect yourself? What does the neighborhood smell like? Does it smell like salt air? What does the wind sound like? Is it the same train sound we hear with tornadoes? How did service agencies help?

Maybe you know someone else who has had a hurricane come to their area. Please share to help the rest of us understand.

God's power is greater and affects lives as well. His power, though, is one that changes lives. When I experience God's power the air around me smells fresh, clean, floral; food tastes are vibrant, rich, tangy, worth savoring; sounds have crystal tones, replay in my mind and sooth my angst; I see something special, perhaps a star, a bug, a kind deed; and I feel happy despite a grumpy person nearby.


A fantastic idea recently came to me. One that requires your help. I hope you will join me.

There is a new tab at the top of my website called Where in the World Have We Traveled. You can check it out to see the pics I posted. Each month I would like to add two new photos from readers to that page.To give you an incentive to submit, I am having a Photo Contest:

Submit :

A photo of you at some place in an outside setting.
Ideas:  Major city, boat, rural area, mountain, skiing, swimming, hiking, lounging, and etc.

The photo needs to be:
In Color
From present or past
G rated
Belong to you

Include permission for me to post the photo
and a caption telling where the photo was taken

photos must be received by October 26th, 2012
(send your entry to my email address;

The two winners will be chosen  by a third party ( from all eligible entrys. Their photo will be included on the page and given a choice for one of these books: 

House of Secrets by Tracie Peterson
Just Between You and Me by Jenny b. Jones
Love on the Line by Deanne Gist

The first name drawn will have first choice. Offer for USA residents only.

The winner of the drawing for Borders of the Heart is Martha A. Congratulations Martha.

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