Monday, October 22, 2012

On Second Thought...

The winner of last Friday's book give away is... 
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I had a post done for today. At the last minute I exercised my female rights to change my mind. Today is a day for ramblings.

Life struggles have hit a peak for many of my friends, and me as well.

It makes me sad. 

We are moving but we don't have a home, yet. My husband is working several states away and the house is quiet. Not even Pandora or a rental movie cuts through the quiet or the thick dark at night and the early morning.  

There is a limit how much we are allowed to put on the moving truck which will come this Thursday or Friday, or Saturday, who knows. Memories are being given away and thrown away to lighten the load. I swiped a tear and told myself to buck up, they're only things. 

But these things represent thirty plus years of wonderful events. 

Before the moved was scheduled, I walked through my house and saw them, even those tucked inside a box. I didn't have to take it out, but I knew it was there. I didn't love the object, I loved the memory it represented.

Two soaked tissue boxes later, the memories have found a new home, or have been stuffed in a trash bag.

There is a good reason for these experiences, as all experiences tend to be. I think, from now on , when I visit my mom's tiny apartment and see every inch filled with things, including the stupid plaque I painted in elementary school, I think I will have a different point of view

--and tell her how lovely her apartment looks.

The winner is Cynthia Herron. Congratulations!


Janice said...

You have so well attached words to your feelings today, Mary. I hope your new home will quickly feel like a delight and comfortable place to live. Somehow I am reminded to consider how Jesus must have felt when He left His home with Father God to come down to be among us. He left that perfect world to come into a world full of sin that He alone could conquer. Thanks to Jesus we always have that future better home to look forward to where earthly possessions will have no meaning and will not cause any tears for want of them. I hope you have taken some pictures of the things you have parted with that had special meaning. And I am thankful to know your mother is still living. May you recognize the blessings that we can only see once some of the material items are removed from our view. I pray He will give you peace today.

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you Janice. What sweet words.