Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We all have some connection to the affects of hurricane Sandy. 

My daughter attends college in the area. She tried to escape, but had to turn back because of dangerous roads. 

Fortunately, she bought fresh water, filled her gas tank, charged up her computer and cell phone and  snapped glow sticks for light. She managed to take a photo for me during a flicker of power. 

My daughter dealing with hurricane
 Sandy in her apartment 3 days so far.

Like you, I turned on the radio/TV/Internet to check on continued updates. We saw huge trees fallen across roadways, transformers pop sending lightning flashes across the sky, water surges, and damaged buildings. 

Seeing these updates helped me understand the hardship of those living there and it reminded me to pray for them. Friends facebooked and emailed each other asking prayer for their loved ones. My prayer list grew.

Like the results of the tsunami which devastated Japan in 2011, physical damages to structures can be repaired in time. What we truly care about, though, is the affected lives and their needs.

Food, fresh water, clothing, and other aid will be sent to needed areas, organizations like the Red Cross will mobilize. As a nation we are careful to meet the physical needs of those we know are hurting from tragedies.
The sale of indulgences shown in
A Question to a Mintmaker, woodcut
 by Jörg Breu the Elder of Augsburg, ca. 1530.

Many years ago, on this day, people had major physical needs as well. But greater than the physical needs both then and now is a spiritual need. Martin Luther grew outraged at the corruption of the Roman Catholic church especially the papal practice of asking for payment for the forgiveness of sins. He boldly nailed a document to the Whittenburg church door to correct the teachings.

While I am reminded of the physical needs of those in the hurricane/storm's path, Lord, please let them know they are loved by You and can go to You with their concerns. Help us to boldly meet not only their physical needs, but to help them with their Spiritual needs as well

Do you have someone we can pray for?

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