Monday, September 17, 2012

The Big Event Jitters

The winner of Friday's drawing is...see end of post.

ACFW 2011 Conference

Is there an event you're looking forward to?

So much so you feel more than feel jittery?

Children look forward to birthdays, Christmas, and other gift receiving events. They also love to give gifts. Watch Mommy's eyes brighten and her lips smile when she opens their handmade treasure.

Sporting events, dates, vacations, new jobs, recitals, graduations, so many events move us from one anticipated day to the next.

I am looking forward to a big event. This Thursday I'll travel to Dallas for the annual American Christian Fiction Writer's Conference. I am not a candidate for an award, am not in the spotlight in any way.

It's kind of like being the 51st out of 51 team members.

Writers Alley Cats who attended 2011

I get to attend, enjoy the networking, laugh, sing, wear my cowgirl hat . . .  oh yeah, I will sport my hat, boots, and the rest of a cowgirl's fashion at the Friday night western party. And Saturday night, for the Gala, I will don my classy dress (very fish out of the water for a cowgirl).

My roomies are friends from the Writers Alley. We write a group blog for new writers. Having met on line, we're more than excited for those first time hugs and 2am talk fests. . .  followed by the 6am drag-out-of-bed rush on the bathroom.

Karen Ball, a treasure and encourager.

I have my proposal and pitches ready to present to a mystery editor and/or agent. The meeting is assigned and revealed at registration. My book is finished. I only need to pack.  And practice my pitch. And practice some more. Can you hear me? No, I need to say the pitch again? Okay... 

God gives us big events for many reasons. Sometimes we need the happy feeling, sometimes we need to get moving on a project. For me I needed to get moving on the project to finish it in time. God is the perfect Dad. He teaches, nurtures, guides, counsels, rejoices, hugs, and loves us.

One of those serious moments

What big event are you looking forward to?

The winner of Friday's drawing for Krista Phillip's book Sandwich with a Side of Romance is: Janice.  Congratulations.

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