Wednesday, September 26, 2012

That Special Blessing

Beth Vogt with me at the Dallas ACFW conference
Think of the one special something you've received. It doesn't have to be tangible, it could be a thought, a concert, a hug, a conclusion, a beginning, there are no limits except you can only pick one.

Got it?


Allow the bigness, the elation, the adrenelin bubble to the front of your thoughts. Recall the moment you first discovered what you would receive and walk through that day. Keep walking through the days after. Your blood is tingling, racing through your veins. Feel excited again?  Are you bursting to retell the event? If you can, run, now, to the nearest person or call someone. Tell them your exciting news.

How did they respond? Did they get excited with you? Did you tell your story with animation, (arms and hands moving), facial movement, (brows up an down, lips switching from happy to serious, etc), Did you add details because of their excitement, maybe rewind the story and retell parts?

Perhaps you couldn't help but add word pictures, colors, sizes, temperatures, tastes. Yes now the moment is in your skin, no longer buried in a memory.

Are you bubbly, bursting to maybe tell someone else?


Me too.

So, I will tell you mine.

I presented my book at the ACFW conference this last week. Three pubishers and two agents said I could send them chapters and synopsis. This is my first time having permission to send material.

God gave me new and different ideas for each person I presented to. The thoughts seem to flow freely, without hesitation. I didn't stammer, I knew the answers to their questions. And when I walked out of the room and into the large corridor filled with others nervously waiting for their appointment, a smile popped on my face. I couldn't stop it. I tried to look serious, thoughtful, considerate, contempletive, but it didn't work.

I was bubbling, bursting with news. I had to tell someone, anyone. I searched the masses for a soul who had a free minute. There, on the other side of the corridor, a friend walked in my direction. I rushed to her. She knew I had good news.

She said one word, "What?"

I stammered, stuttered, muffled through my news. My hands and arms moved. My face went from trying to assemble the next sentence serious to blurting words joy. She laughed with me and did a happy dance. We laughed some more and praised God. WoW!

Yes! I could release the news to someone who had a minute to listen.

And then...the bubbly feeling refilled and I had to tell someone else.

And again

And again.

What a blessing!

And now it is your turn. What special blessing will you share with us so we can thank
with you?

Come back on Friday for my Fabulous Friday Featured guest.

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