Monday, September 24, 2012

Messages that Pop a Smile

Montana Gals at the ACFW Gala Event
I was stuck in line waiting to get to my seat on the plane with nothing to do but look at the back of heads in front of me and watch first class drink their beverages.

A man sitting in third row of first class ignored his beverage and focused on his cell phone. He received a text. His eyes moved left and right. Then he smiled. The kind of smile that pops when someone we care about says something special.

He seemed truly happy. And because he didn't tap the screen or keys, I assumed he reread the message more than once. The smile remained on his face until I passed his seat.

I thought, hmmm. What kind of message would pop a smile like that on my face?

Would a passage from God's Word pop the same kind of smile?

I'd have to say, sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Yes when I read verses about His loving care and blessings, a tender story, or a sweet recounting. No when bad choices are made, or someone is hurt, probably not during passages like Leviticus, either. 

This last weekend I attended a Christian Writers conference. I learned many great lessons about writing. One of the greatest was, oddly enough, melted into several sessions. The concept did not directly related to writing, yet it did.

The lesson: Our writing needs to glorify God.

At any conference it is so easy to get caught up in the details, the advancement of a career, the opportunities, promotions, sales, and achievements. Yet none of these will ever come to be without first committing the work to God. 

Am I writing this because I did not receive opportunity and am resolving my feelings with, oh, well thinking? Absolutely not. In fact, I write with great joy. this year, three editors and two agents asked for my work. 

But I would have needed to write the same thought last year when I did not receive any requests. Either way, the thrill of hearing Christian leaders share their experiences with us, having the opportunity to present our work to editors and agents, and meeting Christian writers who supported, prayed, and cheered successes for everyone popped a smile on my face.

Why did it happen? Because the focus at the conference was God first and writing second.

No matter what my career is or what I love doing, I need to be focused on pleasing God. When I do, that smile will pop on my face. 

How has God popped a smile on your face?



Janice said...

When I see a child learning about God, and I know from their look that something new about Him has clicked on in their brain and heart, a smile comes upon my face.

Congrats on the yes x 3!

Blessings, Janice

Mary Vee Writer said...

Yes! I agree. Good example, Janice.