Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Learning From Experience

Author Brandilyn Collins
Sometimes I prefer to learn from a book. I don't have to worry about making a mistake or being embarrassed.

Unfortunately, I tend to learn best by experience. I think most people do.

Last week I watched a twenty-six-month old girl and her mother in a restaurant. The girl wanted the powder donut from her mother's plate. Her mother tenderly pointed to the eggs on her daughter's plate and told her in a soft voice to eat the eggs first.

Quite to my surprise the little girl didn't fuss. She picked up a fork, stabbed the eggs, and successfully delivered the food to her mouth. She piqued my interest!

Author Gayle Roper
When the girl finished her eggs she asked for the donut again. Her mother cut a few pieces and put them on her plate. Rather than shoving them in her mouth, she clapped her fingertips together high above her head and cheered. Then ate the donut.

The grand finale - When she finished the donut, the little girl licked all ten fingertips, one at a time, and very thoroughly.


Tomorrow I will travel to the ACFW conference. I am prepared...much better than last year. I saw the fruit my friends received from their preparations last year and decided my family, and God should have fruit from their investment in me.

Author Robin Caroll
I have received my instructions from the website, friends, and other resources. I have researched, revised, polished, printed, practiced and prayed. Whether I receive a showable fruit from this conference or not, I will know in my heart, I can cheer, like the little girl did.

God knows we learn best through experiences. Lessons can be difficult, or easy depending on what needs to be learned and my cooperation.

Friday, I will share from the conference.

I hope your lessons are easy and you receive tasty fruit from your efforts.

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