Monday, September 10, 2012

Imitation is Good

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Last Sunday, in a local buffet style restaurant packed with patrons fresh from church or other activity, a young family sat at a table across from us. 

The mom helped her children get their plates and food, while the dad filled his plate. He then sat with the children while mom went back for her food. 

The two curly top little ones did not have an interest in eating. The twelve-month-old twisted in his seat and sang, gibbered, bubbled raspberries, and looked around. The three-year-old played with his food.

Mom came back to the table and smiled at her crew. She leaned over to her three-year-old and said, "Would you like to have a cheeseburger?"

He replied "Like to I would have a cheeseburger," using the same question tone his mother had. He smiled, took the cheeseburger she offered, and ate. 

His imitation of mom earned a ten on the cute scale.

Imitation is a form of learning we use at any age. Show me what to do works better than tell me what to do. Once I see the task, I can imitate and do the task by my self.

God knew we needed someone to imitate. He sent His son, Jesus, to show us what a follower of God should do. When I am unsure, I can read the instant replay in His Word and then go about my task. 

Like the little one in the restaurant, God doesn't expect us to be perfect imitators. He understands we fumble and make mistakes. He still loves us and waits for us to try again. I love God for his patient teaching skills and am thankful for it.

Many men and women have gone before us as great imitators of God. I think of Billy Graham, Tony Evans. Who could you add to this list?


Janice said...

David Wilkerson would be good to add to your list.

Blessings, Janice

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh, yes. Great idea:) His ministry help well, I don't think anyone knows the number. I have read about his work.