Friday, September 7, 2012

Fabulous Friday Feature: Karen Schravemade

Today I welcome a friend from Australia, a 2011 ACFW Finalist, an encourager, a fun-loving mom, and future authoress.  

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I met Karen when she joined the Writers Alley group, and at the 2011 conference. When I asked her to share the "real" her with you, she said:

A Childhood Dream

My dream of becoming a writer began as a child. I loved books from the very start, but I vividly remember the moment when I first realised I could be a shaper of stories rather than just a passive recipient.

"Mum," I asked, "where do the storybooks come from?"

"People write them," she replied.

Those simple words sparked something revolutionary inside my little-girl brain. Right then and there, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

I wanted to write stories.

That dream has stayed with me from childhood, and I've never wavered from it. That doesn't mean there haven't been times of discouragement along the way. 

The road to publication has not been easy. But that's a very good thing. It's forced me to become a better writer. To hone my craft. To develop as a person, with a deeper understanding of what makes us human - the common heart-cries that bind us together, no matter how different we may appear."

And along the way, I've grown to understand that while God may call us to something, it's our job to grow into that calling. To take our raw talent and shape it into something worthwhile, then offer it back to Him for His glory.

I have two small boys and a baby girl. I juggle part-time work with being a stay-home Mum, and all the pressures that come with both roles. I'm a wife, a mother, a teacher a friend, and a daughter of God trying to walk the journey of faith as best I can in the midst of life's everyday craziness.

I'm also a writer of inspirational women's fiction.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the various responsibilities in my life. Many people have told me they set their writing aside for a season while their children were small.

It's made me think - is it really possible to juggle personal dreams alongside the responsibilities of motherhood and do both well?

Before having children, I use to dream about writing acclaimed novels in my spare time. Now I dream about having spare time, and my greatest ambition is to get a full night sleep.

In the end, my prayer had been that God would show me what he desires for my life in this season. Not what other people think is doable or achievable. Not what I think I can comfortably handle. But what he wants me to do.

Meanwhile, I'll keep holding onto that childhood dream, knowing that God plants gifts and passions into our lives for a reason. I may not yet have seen the fulfilment of that dream, but I know one day it will come to pass, as long as I never give up on the seed God planted in my heart all those many years ago.

Visit her website:
Or her mummy-blog:

How have you grown into the calling God has given you? What questions can we help you with?

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Karen @ a house full of sunshine said...

Thanks so much for having me, Mary. You're the best.

Cindy R. Wilson said...

Karen, this post really resonated with me. My littlest one is over a year now, but I am still praying about which direction to go or whether or not to set my writing aside for now. I don't want to miss out on any time with my kiddos :)

Thanks for putting all these wonderful posts on your blog, Mary!

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thank you Karen. I am in good company:)

Mary Vee Writer said...

These questions are difficult. But still hoping you win the Genesis this year:)