Wednesday, August 8, 2012


By Mary Vee

The city of Bluffton, Ohio is close to I 75. On a hot summer day, travelers take the second exit, when traveling south, and stop at the Dari Freeze. 

The tiny parking lot is on the south side of the building. A sign on the window says, "Place orders on the other side of the building."

No problem. Walk around the front, past the picnic tables full of customers enjoying an icy treat and the scale near the first window, to the north side of the building. A large menu complete with items like all you can eat fish fry on Friday nights fills the wall

If you skimmed read over the word scale, let me repeat it. Yes. There is a full-sized, medical scale in the front of the building.

I had to ask the employees the story. He said the scale was put there seven years ago and is balanced regularly.


Yes! He said many customers will check their weight, shrug then place their order.

He didn't know why. 

But the scales have become an attraction for the business.

Go figure.

Have you seen or heard of any thing odd at a business? Share yours.

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