Wednesday, August 15, 2012

East Meets West-Like City and Country Mouse

By Mary Vee

A woman who lived in Seattle married a man from the Midwest. The happy couple moved to their first house in his home state. 

The woman had been accustomed to rainstorms where she grew up. To quote a movie line "Seattle. It rains nine months of the year there!" She loved the vibrant green grasses, varied colored flowers, and towering trees coating the landscape.

She never tired of the floral scent or the misty air.

After researching which plants survived best in the unfamiliar Midwest soil, she planted a garden around her new front porch. Her husband noticed the efforts when the first blooms opened. "It smells lovely, just like you, honey."

The couple went out for a date that night. As they drove, a thunderstorm rose from the horizon. Humidity increased, leaving a cool mist. She opened her car window and took a deep breath. It smelled like home.

A white light flashed across the sky. Sound waves echoed "Crack."

Her body flinched and she gasped. "What was that?"

"Lightning." He laughed. "Just lightning."

Wrong words. Unfortunately he didn't know she had never seen or heard lightning in Seattle. Sure maybe in a movie or described in a book, but never in person. 

She pressed her hand on her chest. "The light was so bright white, the sound so loud," her breath raced in and out of her lungs, "I thought the Lord, Himself was coming." 

Once he realized her fear, he reached his arm around her shoulders, drew her close to his body, and hugged her. "I'm sorry."

I recently heard the story and wondered how often we miss a person's true feelings. I'm glad he said the right words in the end:)

For me, a total dark room can take my breath away. If someone walked with me, the jitters have to work harder to make an appearance. God is always willing to be that Someone.

How about you? 
What scares you?
What gives you a secure feeling when scared?

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