Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Distance No Longer Separates

I like to meet new friends and kindle previous friendships. But, living in remote areas or moving to new places can limit opportunities.

Once upon a time the only way to meet a new best friend was face to face. Moving to new neighborhoods, attending community functions, basically getting out of the house gave opportunity to kindle a friendship.

Today, new best friends can be made on the Internet. And yes, the friendship can be kindred and like-minded, and helpful.

Stepping into another person's world doesn't have to mean literally putting your foot on the same ground anymore.

Last week I skyped with my friend Casey, she in Oregon, I in Montana. We met three years ago on a writers loop and two years later met face to face in St. Louis at a conference. 

The conversation on skype allowed us to have all the perks of a face to face conversation. We sat "across from each other" using our laptop cameras and benefited from seeing body language to clarify communication. We saw the wall behind the other, the chair the other sat in, when one sipped tea, and the other wiggled to get comfy on her chair. 

We talked for two hours. Casey, talked about housesitting and changes in her job. I shared about a possible new home. The conversation developed to discussions about mutual friends, funny stories, and writing goals. 

Then the conversation went deeper.

We talked about concerns and problems in our writing, discussed ways to solve the problem, confirmed our different ways to address the issue to suit the individual needs, and encouraged each other.

We watched each other laugh, show concern, and gave each other encouragement as if we truly sat three feet from each other.

God communicates with us in a close way as well. We see His influence in lives, witness his power in nature, read His Word, meditate to know His Will and hear His voice. 

I am really thankful for skype. My family continues to have family devotions with members in different states every night. But I am even more thankful for God's clear and present communication. 

How do you stay in close communication?

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