Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The New Cook

By Mary Vee

With the plethora of cooking shows, specialized cookbooks, and Internet recipes available, anyone could step into the kitchen and try their hand at making a delectable dish.

In the movie Julie/Julia, Julie blogged about her cooking through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The movie showed that not all dishes turn out tasty the first time and that cooking truly is an art.

I was given a cookbook as a wedding present. 

Great idea because I was a master hamburger helper/tuna fish sandwich cook. New husbands tend to want more variety in their meals.

Each day I flipped open the book to some random page, looked at the ingredients, and if I had them . . . I attempted to make the dish, following every step to the letter. To my surprise, the meals turned out pretty good.

After a while, I thought I understood the fine art of substituting ingredients. Saffron is very expensive. Other ingredients didn't last long enough to keep and didn't seem cost effective for the poor man budget we had. Only a few staple ingredients stayed on the shelf.

One day I found an intriguing banana bread recipe, complete with ingredients I happened to have in the kitchen. Sounded good. I followed the recipe, thought one ingredient a bit odd, but, eh the recipe called for it. 

I decided to make a triple batch and freeze some for a later time. What a great idea.

After the timer went off I pulled out the mouth watering, eat me now aroma, banana bread and set the loaves on a cooling rack. Then waited until after dinner to serve my husband.

He took the first, BIG bite. 

What a guy. He didn't wrinkle his nose or spit it out. The slow chew, please rescue me gave it away, he never savors his food. He's an inhale eater.  I took a much smaller taste and spit mine out a second later. He seemed relieved and spit his out, too. We threw the rest away. A difficult thing to do when you live on a small salary. 

Fortunately, we lived to tell the tale. And I managed to find a decent banana bread recipe. . . in a different cook book

Care to guess the offending ingredient? And dear hubby, if you read this . . .you can't tell.


Heather Marsten said...

crystalized ginger?

Mary Vee Writer said...

Oh I think that would have added quite an interesting flavor. But it wasn't the ingredient.
I'll give the answer later tomorrow if no one has guessed it by then.