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Fabulous Feature Friday: Pepper Basham

Today on Fabulous Feature Friday: Pepper Basham

Come meet my dear friend, Pepper Basham.

She is an aspiring writer, native of the Blue Ridge Mountains, mom of five, pastor’s wife, and university instructor in Communicative Disorders. When she’s not sleeping, she’s creating fictional worlds where good defeats evil, laughter reigns, and adventure thrives

Inspiration Settings

She also has a great sense of humor. (I've translated some interview answers for you...she speaks Appalachian:))

Pepper's mind works at a lightning speed. She always has a good plot with subplots floating i her mind. Recently, I asked her what genre she writes.  

 Gee whiz, Mary, I can only pick one?!? For now, I’m writing contemporary romance (with humor). I love using family humor and writing fairytale-ish stories in modern day. However, I enjoy writing historical, fantasy, and paranormal (in that order of interest). I’ve even plotted a suspense-adventure along the lines of National Treasure.

If she'd chosen one, I think I would have been shocked.

Maybe she can give a straight-faced, serious answer to my next question. Pepper, name one funny incident you witnessed and chose to include in a manuscript.

Hee, hee. Not only is my life full of incidences, but my family history is too. Phrases my kids say will appear in my fictional kids. Two of my real-life-to-fictional repeats involved rodents. (Mary Connealy will LOVE this). One was about a mouse jumping on my knee while I was driving down the highway – not sure how long it had been in my car. The other was about a friend who beat a mouse to death with a box of spaghetti.

Historically there are SO many I use. From my great, great, great grandpa who traded his wife for a hunting dog, to mule races, and getting a rattlesnake drunk. Real-life is truly stranger than fiction J

Take a walk with me into Pepper's world (a 26 seconds clip). 
She'll show you the setting for most of her books.
I've noticed this does not play on a mac - you will need a pc to view

Pepper, your home setting is lovely. 

Tell me, who inspired you the most on your writing journey?

Storytelling is a part of my Appalachian heritage, and I grew up learning of my family history through my granny’s stories. She could trace by 6 or more generations and tell of the times, places, and people. It was fascinating. I’ve always told fictional stories (grin). Just ask my mom J, but my granny sparked in me, all the more, the love of story. She is the first person who ever called me a ‘Writer” – when I was twelve years old and she presented me with my very first typewriter.

A typewriter? Those machines we threaded paper into and punched keys? Wow.
I'd really like readers to know something special about you. Tell me, what goals do you have for your writing career?

To glorify God, first and foremost, but my second is closely linked to the first. I really want to be a good writer. I want to weave stories that inspire, encourage, and entertain – and do it well.
And, if the Lord allows, I’d love to challenge my breadth of writing. I already try – but I truly to enjoy so many genres.

Could you give us a writing teaser. Something to plant in our memories until your first book hist the shelf?

Gladly! I’ve listed the first paragraph of two of my novels – two contemps,  I hope you enjoy.

 A Twist of Faith – a contemporary retelling of My Fair Lady with an Appalachian Twist.

            PhD was not supposed to smell like this. Adelina Roseland dropped a box of research articles onto the floor and stifled a deep breath as the strong aroma of damp grass and naturally fertilized farmland wafted in from the open window. The entire scene defied any prestige the little placard on her mahogany desk could have given:
Dr. Adelina N. Roseland, PhD - Department of Communicative Disorders, Blue Ridge University
Her dream job dangled like a carrot in front of her, so running away wasn’t an option.

MY FAVORITE novel I’ve written – Here To Stay. It has a definitely fairytale-ish feel with a lot of Lucille Ball thrown in J

One step into the massive, glass-walled waiting area was all it took.
In a cataclysmic chain of events, someone bumped into Eisley Barrett from behind sending her purse and all its contents skittering across Heathrow International Airport’s glossy floor. Just as she regained her balance, her heel caught on her purse strap, forcing her off kilter. She liked comedy, but this was ridiculous.
In horrific slow motion, forward momentum merged with gravity, the crowd parted like the Red Sea, and she landed face-first on the floor.
Well, not exactly on the floor. Somebody broke her fall.

What exciting stories. I think she's going to be published soon!

Look what she's accomplished: 
Pepper D. Basham
Inspirational Fiction Author
“Stories peppered with grace and a dash of humor.”
BRMCWC Award of Excellence - 2009
TARA Winner Inspirational Category -2010

ACFW Genesis Finalist - 2011


Cindy R. Wilson said...

Oooh, fun to get to know Pepper better! Pepper, that picture of you is BEAUTIFUL! So pretty! I like the interview questions :)

Mary Vee Writer said...

Thanks for stopping by, Cindy:)
I agree, her pic is beautiful.

Pepper said...

Mary, THANK YOU for having me on your beautiful blog. I'm sorry I'm running a little late to the party.

Hi Cindy,
I like that picture too :-)

Pepper said...

btw, Mary - you did a fab job of interpreting my speech for everyone. :-)

Love you BIG

Mary Vee Writer said...

So happy others could hear about you.