Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dads, Kids, Airports

By Mary Vee

Have you watched the dads in an airport?

On one particular day, it seemed many dads travelled with their children. Like other travelers, some of the dads rushed their troops through the airport, no doubt attempting to catch a flight, and others sought to fill long, boring layover hours.

It was a day of great people watching. Here are my two favorites:

First, the rushed dad

A dad hurried through the terminal taking long strides. Trailing behind him, yet firmly in his grasp, was his roller bag. The bag was tipped low, at a thirty degree angle or so. 

Laying across the bag, like one would an inner tube being pulled through the snow, was a three or four year old boy. The little one's face sparkled and his child-like giggle could be heard through out the terminal. A breeze blew his hair adding to a kodak moment. 

The child had fun, and the dad moved them to their gate in time.

This man deserves the creativity award

Second, the long layover: 

A dad held his four or five-year-old daughter's hand. She wore a frilly ballerina-type purple dress with purple stockings and sparkly purple shoes. The purple ribbons in her hair completed her girly preference. Her high-pitched, youthful voice sounded musical, beautifying mundane airport announcements

This little one did not want to walk through the terminal. She broke into a skip and encouraged dad to participate. Down the crowded terminal, where passengers groused and grumbled about this and that, this father and daughter skipped from one end to the other. 

He smiled and looked at her as though she was the most special little girl in all the world. The only words I heard, "You like skippin', Daddy?"  He didn't have to answer. His actions spoke a million words.

This man deserves the best daddy award.

I love people watching, especially when noble acts are being done.

Have you witness wonderful dads in action?

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patti.mallett_pp said...

Those were two very sweet moments you caught, Mary! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day!

I love watching my grandkids with their daddies and have witnessed many, many sweet moments. They have no idea yet what their relationship with their dads will mean throughout their lives - but their Mimi knows and it thrills my heart.

Mary Vee Writer said...

The moment those grandkids realized what a super dad they have you'll be able to share it with them and relive the neat things you see now. How awesome. You'll get a twofer.

Anonymous said...

This guy was standing in the deli section. He had an upset infant in the cart seat and a three ish year old girl running around. In each hand he held a package of bologna, and he could be heard saying on his cellphone: "Honey, I need help. Which one do want?"

Mary Vee Writer said...

Great example. Thanks for sharing:)