Where In the World?

These are a few of my favorite places. Where have you been?

Bear Tooth Mt., Photo by Mary Vee
Big Sky Mountain, Photo by Mary Vee
Big Horn Sheep, Photo by Mary Vee 

Grand Haven, Michigan Photo by Mary Vee

Glacier National Park, Photo by Mary Vee

photos from readers


  1. My favorite trips have been to the British Isles and to the Caribbean. I loved the wonders of the Irish countryside AND the exquisite beauty of the clear blue waters in St. Maarten. So cool how God made both.

  2. Those are two places I haven't seen yet. You whet my desire to see them. :)

  3. I've been to Hawaii, Seoul, S. Korea a Caribbean cruise and spent many vacations at the
    Straits of Mackinac. :) The weather and scenery in Hawaii was breathtaking. Seoul was an amazing
    place, modern and historical at the same time. I love the blue waters of Lake Michigan. Your picture
    of the lighthouse in Grand Haven makes me think of the lighthouse cruises we went on up north.
    I haven't been out West yet, though. Love your beautiful photos, Mary.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen. If you would like, send one of your favorite travel photos. I'll include it on this page.


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