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My Website: Never Give Up Stories is a place for young adults to connect. I write suspense/mystery/adventure stories--better bring a flashlight and plan to never give up!

My blog: Let's Talk takes readers to a deeper awareness of people and things around us.

My ministry for families: God Loves Kids tells Bible stories in family friendly language.  

My group writing blog:   The Writers Alley   ten writers take turns posting on writing issues.

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  1. I'm probably not posting on the correct page but I wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kathy Herman's books!! She is my favorite author. Whenever I read her books, I forget about all my problems and can focus on what's going on in the book. Sometimes, I get up a few minutes earlier for work, just so I can read from her books before leaving for work! :)

  2. Ashley,
    I moved this comment to post with Kathy so you could join the gang there. :)

  3. Hi Mary, Just read A.J. Cattapn's story! Very encouraging! Nice blog! Well done set up! Nice to see what others are doing!

  4. Hi, Mary. Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved 14 Mornings Till Christmas. What a great story, made even more special by the background information. Thanks for writing it and sharing it with us. For some reason, I think some of my comments are not making it to you. I get an email saying that your email link for me is not working. Just wanted you to know I loved your story. Happy writing.


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