Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Even With The Hassles, I Love Technology

Photo by Mary Vee
Yesterday, between breaks at my writer's conference, I--

FaceTimed a call with my daughter who is across the ocean in a study abroad program and heard about her fabulous day.

Pshaw, that's nothing, you might say.

But, it was everything to me. 

I know, I know, technology can be the pits at times. Yesterday the app we needed to get the handouts for our class didn't work for a time. During another session, we were told a number to text for more information. A friend keyed two 9's instead of three and couldn't find the message. Details. Details. Later still, the organization's techy staff took twenty minutes to get the instructor's presentation to display on the board. Glitches. Patience. Stress.

BUT, look what we still have.

Yesterday, my other daughter, living across the country made a short video of her family and added it to the private collection on You Tube. When I have my next break, I'm going to watch it. I love seeing what they are doing with their home, what they have to say, what makes them smile. 

There is a new law for anyone dealing with European audiences in any way. The GDPR law which will start May 25th, is designed to protect Europeans from having their data gathered. It is designed to precent companies from gathering information unbeknownst to the reader/customer/etc. Well, folks, the law has good intentions, but, I don't believe it is a cure. 

Still, if you receive a notice from a vendor you regularly receive information saying you need to confirm your desire to remain on a mailing list, you really need to confirm, or the individual/company will be required to remove your name from the list.

The benefits? Your email list won't have a bunch of spam.

The disadvantage, perhaps you have opened the mail for coupons or other benefits at times. You won't receive those anymore.

It's a lot of hype that, in my view won't accomplish the intent, but eh, I don't make the rules.

Instead, I'm going to enjoy my technology that lets me talk to my son with hands free phone while he is on a long trucking haul...

...and I'm going to enjoy chatting with you.

THANK GOD HE doesn't need to have us respond to the GDPR law. He will ALWAYS be there for us. And we have the freedom to chat with HIM ANYTIME.

This post has been brought to you by the one word: ILoveTechnology


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