Tuesday, July 11, 2017

So...No GPS

Photo by Mary Vee
Somewhere out west.

Summertime is a great time for road trips. Maybe it's time to slip in a visit to those far away family members just to say hey and 'sup? 

Those of you who have read my past posts know I am one who is easily distracted by a-mazing views. In my defense the distractions aren't always mountains and flowers, sometimes unique city buildings yank my attention. 

The time I visited my sister in, O, say, six or seven states west of my home depending on the route Google set up, I arrived in a huge city that sprouted out of the desert sands. Toll roads. Expressways giving birth to more expressways. 

One-way streets leapt out of dark corners with masked signs. I knew they'd steal every drop of gas in my car before setting me free on a road heading the direction I needed.

You might say, "Funny story. Where was your GPS?"

Well, yes, I have a smart phone with a great camera feature that I use for many photos. Our family is on a strict budget, which means a tiny data plan for emergencies only. So no GPS.

I wasn't foolish. I asked Google my route before I left home, printed out pages, and had screen shots. Theoretically, I was set. 

Until I hit construction.

And the detour.

And some crazy road that indicated west when it really went south. Who writes these things?

The point of surrender came. I got off the west road heading south and landed on some random road that pleased my car's compass. Good grief, I only wanted a western suburb of this mega city. It couldn't be that hard to find.

The hour was late.

Thinking my far-away family member might wonder if I changed my mind about visiting, I called. I chose the husband because he was a former truck driver, which meant he could figure out where I was based on my obscure description of the surroundings and help me find my way.

"You're where?" His country laughter turned into snorting. "How did you do that?" 

Good grief.

The repair to my wrong turn took another forty-five minutes before reaching their neighborhood.   

Dotting the scraggly grass along the winding driveway were nieces, nephews, a pet or two, the latest tractor,  my sister and her husband. Little did I know, the whole gang, several extended family members included, had planned to spend the evening with me. Supper had miraculously kept warm on the stove all that time. The kids looked hungry.

They opened my car door and swarmed me with hugs and smiles. Without missing a beat, we flowed into their home and straight to the dining room table, talking and laughing as we stepped on creaky floorboards and over pets.

Rewind a few minutes. As the car maneuvered the last turn onto their dirt road, I thought maybe they would be upset with me for getting lost. I wasn't sure how I would be received. I thought about all my mistakes that caused the problem in the first place...that put me in the pickle of being late a good two hours later than planned. Sigh. If I had received the silent or cold treatment, I would have felt deserving.

But they didn't. 

The reception was as far opposite as could be.

And you know what? 

This true event is so much like our journey here on earth...and our reception in heaven. God knows we are taking crazy life turns. He has a great map system call the Bible. Life, though throws ridiculous detours at us and make us feel stupid or disappointed in ourselves, etc.  

But guess what? 

God loves us so much. He is always ready to greet us with a warm smile, a hug, a sweet song, and acceptance. He loves to see us.

If you've been snagged by a detour, feeling lost, maybe scared and unsure, talk to God. He WILL listen. He WILL show you the way.

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: LostAndHugged


  1. I'm a fan of road trips so it is always fun to read about other people's experiences and adventures on the road. American Road trips have fascinated me,particularly, which is why I plan to visit the US soon!

    1. Come on over. This side of the pond has a lot of great places to show you.

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