Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sometimes Technology Makes Me Scream

Photo by Mary Vee, Arizona

Today's late post is brought to you by a Mary Vee who has only seconds ago taken a BIG chill pill.

Good grief.

I opened the site to write today's post...whatever that topic was is long gone--wiped out by epic frustration.

Although I could open my blog's schedule and examine settings and other details, I could not get to the composition page. 

That's when I discovered my blog had been shut down.
That's when I discovered my blog had "expired".
That's when I discovered my blog did not revert to the failsafe address. The dorky one with blogspot.com in the address.

That's when I slipped into dysfunctional mode.

Okay, I am not a dork when it comes to technology. I have taught myself HTML survival and can modify mostly any code to look the way I want. I can find help desks. Follow directions. Sheesh I set up this blog with my own domain.

But today I wasn't expecting a spiraling demise. The system had breached my problem solving fortress before I had coffee.

I made one wrong turn after another slipping down so many rabbit trails.

I'm not going to lie, I had over twenty tabs open, hopping from one to the next trying to solve this problem that was NOT as easy as it should have been.

Thanks be to God, I still have a teen in the house. She took pity on me. I gave her thirty minutes to solve the problem and get this blog back on line or .... confession... I said I would just close down this blog even though technically, it already was.

I have my coffee. My yogurt. The domain is restored. And I am happy.


Let's talk about the good technology that detected temperatures too high for air travel, cancelling flights from Phoenix. Did you know that smaller planes can not get the lift they need when the heat is 118 degrees and above? While those customers were inconvenienced they are alive to tell the story.


  1. I understand your frustration about technology. I have had my issue with that beast on occasion. Having a teen in your house was a blessing. Our tech person lives 100 miles away and gets edgy when I try to 'help' him think through the problem. Back when he was a teen, we didn't have any electronics. (He's in his 40's.)

    1. Thanks Cecelia. I have since had my coffee and have tamed the roaring lion. :)

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