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Promises You Don't Intend to Keep

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One of my favorite movies ever made is Beauty and the Beast. Cogsworth, the little clock, tries to help Beast by telling him what he should give Belle. "Flowers. Chocolates. Promises you don't intend to keep." LOL

The line caught my whole family off guard, even the audience in the movie theater and had everyone laughing.

While the statement seems ridiculous, subconsciously we often think this very thought. We will only keep a promise if:

*we want to, 
*it benefits us, or  
*we will get something in return.

Once upon a time, back when I was five, I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. I believed in His promises as only a five-year-old could. As I grew older, I began to learn more of the promises Jesus made to me. The Bible is full of them.

Even when I foolishly walk away from Him through disobedience or neglect, He waits for me with open arms. Ready to forgive. Ready to keep His promises.

This Saturday, my sweet Katy baby is getting married to the man of her dreams. He is so much like her father. I can see why she was attracted to him.

Since they are in their young thirties they chose to have a very simple wedding. Only thirty people have been invited. She had a friend make her wedding dress. The wedding will take place in Tucson, Arizona where the temperatures are expected to be in the 100's. To help their guest feel comfortable, the ceremony will be held on Mt. Lemmon, where cool temperatures will enhance the mountain top view.

They will exchange their vows to each other. Kiss, and honor promises they intend to keep. I am so happy for her.

Think about the promises you've made lately. The word "promise" may not have come out of your mouth, but God and those around you took it as such. Is there something that must be done to honor the commitment? 

Promise candidates:

Read Bible everyday
Do my job pleasing to God
Take care of my health

What others can you suggest?

This post has been brought to you by the one-word: Promises

Friday, May 27, 2016

Fabulous Friday-Dana R. Lynn-To Every Season Turn Turn Turn

Today we welcome author:
Dana Lynn

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Dana's book:
Interrupted Lullaby

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Mary here. I'm so happy to welcome Dana to Let's Talk. I only met her a short while ago, but in that time, I've seen a happy spirit in her. One that radiates in her words and pictures. I asked Dana: how has God led you on your writing journey? Here is what she said: 

To Every Season...Turn Turn Turn

Hi Mary and Let's Talk readers. Thank you so much for hosting me today. I’m honored to be here.

You asked me to talk about how God has led my writing journey. Thinking about it, I would compare His leading to a gentle pull or a nudge. Not at all like the urgent drive that some of my writer friends talk about. I just knew in elementary school that I wanted to write. My original goal was to write a book before I graduated from high school. Yeah, that never happened. I would get a few pages in and life would distract me.

By the time I left for college, I had pretty much decided that I would never publish more than a few poems. But still, I kept writing. Kept dreaming. Every once in a while, I would think of a great storyline, or so I thought. I could never get past the first few pages, though. And then I got married and started having children. Any time I had previously set aside for writing disappeared. Yet I still felt that gentle pull, that desire to write. It just never seemed to work out for me. So I put the dream on the backburner. Always there, waiting.

You know what the Bible says about everything having a season? Well, it’s true. Looking back, I can see that my dream wasn’t wrong. Just the timing.

In 2013, my desire to write returned stronger than ever. When the Love Inspired Suspense editors announced a pitch contest to attract new suspense writers, I felt called to enter. This really surprised me, as I had never considered writing suspense before. But the urge to enter wouldn’t leave me. And the idea I had brewing in my head kept growing and growing. I could literally see some of the scenes playing out in my head. So I took a leap of faith and entered. I also submitted a Pride and Prejudice variation novella to a small press, Astraea Press.

In March, 2014, I received my first contract ever for what is now An Inconvenient Courtship. And on July 2, 2014, I was offered my first contract with Love Inspired Suspense. Now, two years later, I have published two books with Astraea Press, now called Clean Reads, and two with Love Inspired Suspense (LIS). I’m contracted to write three more for LIS. God’s timing really was the perfect timing. And while I don’t know what the future holds me, I am very grateful for all He has blessed me with.

God is good. All the time.

Thank you so much, Mary and all you readers, for inviting me. I am offering a signed print copy of Interrupted Lullaby. 

Mary here, I think we all will really enjoy this book. Love suspense stories.

Dana R. Lynn 


Dana R. Lynn grew up in Illinois. She met her husband at a wedding and told her parents she had met her future husband. Nineteen months later, they were married. Today, they live in rural Pennsylvania with their three children and enough pets to open a petting zoo. In addition to writing, she works as an educational interpreter for the deaf and is active in several ministries in her church.

Dana loves to connect with readers.
You can find her at her:


Interrupted Lullaby 

Maggie Slade’s been on the run since witnessing her husband’s murder, hiding from a killer who wants evidence he believes she has. A killer who was dressed as a LaMar Pond policeman. And she’d better run fast, because it’s not just her life on the line- Maggie now has year-old twin babies. But then she’s attacked again, and rescued…by a LaMar Pond cop. 

Trusting Lieutenant Dan Willis is frightening. Letting him take her back to LaMar Pond to find her husband’s killer is terrifying. But to protect her babies, she’ll risk anything. Even her life. And as she grows closer to Dan and learns to trust again…she may even risk her heart.

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Interrupted Lullaby

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